2nd Class Written Exam (Boston) 8/10/93
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2nd Class Written Exam (Boston)  8/10/93

1.) OHM'S Law, Describe (definition), and show symbols and the meaning of each?

2.) What are the mean part of a A.C. Generator?

3.) What is an Exciter? What is it's purpose and what would happen if you lost excitation?

4.) Xfoliatio, what is it?  Explain fully.  What does it affect?  What problems would it pose?

5.) Safety valve nozzle reaction type, what would happen should the orifices become obstructed? 

6.) How may corrosion around manholes and hand holes be repaired?  What are the limits?

7.) Describe the losses in a turbine?

8.) Explain the operation of a sodium exchanger also a deminerlizer.

9.) Dalton's law, what is it?


10.) How much efficiency is gained by using a Topping Cycle?

11.) How come a non-condensing turbine will show a higher efficiency than a condensing turbine?

12.) A coal bunker contains 20,500 ft3 of coal.  What is the weight of the coal in pounds?

13.) A steam supply line is to carry 10,000 lbs / stm / hr @ 200 psi, the volume of the steam @ 200 psi is 2.2893 ft3, what is it's velocity?  What diameter of pipe would be required?

14.) How would you figure the ratio between a reaction vs. Curtis stage in a turbine?

15.) A boiler contains 500 water wall tubes, each tube is 20 ft long and 4 inch diameter.  The convection section contains 1200 tubes 4 inch by.  What is the heating surface in ft2

16.) Name five types of non-destructive tests.  Explain two.

17.) A 275 horse power boiler is producing steam at 100 psi, burning #6 fuel oil 18,500 btu / lb.  Factor of evaporation is 1.12 and the boiler is 80% eff.  What is the evaporation rate and HP. ?

18.) 500 lbs of water @ 1500  and 300 lbs @ 900 are mixed together, what is the final temperature of the mixture?

19. Why are welded joints stronger than the metals they have joined?  What happens during the welding process?

20.) Steam pressure at a turbine inlet is 950 Pisa it exhaust to the condenser @ 1.5" hg.  What is the number of expansions?