2nd Engineer Written 12/21/99
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 12/21/1999


1.   Boiler drum on an H.R.T. is 72 inches in Dia. and is 16 feet long. Disregarding any tubes, how much water in lbs. would be needed to perform a hydrostatic test?

2.   List some advantages of a condensing turbine.

3.   How would you know if you had a leak in a closed feed water heater?

4.   Describe the operation of an air ejector, and it's purpose.

5.   Why do we use high pressure staging?

6.  List the environmental requirements for a boiler generating 10,000,000 bts/hr.

7.  Explain what an implosion on a boiler is, and why this would happen.

8.   List 6 causes of turbine vibration.


9.   You have to replace two steam stop valves on your boiler. Two 450lb valves from the ANSI chart class B 16.5-300 have been selected. The boiler safety valves are set at 450lbs. Are you able to replace the steam stop valves with this class type valve?

10. If a fire occurred in a pulverizer, what steps would you take to extinguish it?

11. Describe what a retractable soot blower is used for, where it is used, and it's general operation.

12. Describe from chapter 146 what a 2nd class engineer can do.

13. Describe in full detail the construction and operation of a Kingsbury Thrust Bearing.

14. You are going to have a company come into your plant to do some welding on your boiler, what should you look for before allowing welding to begin?

15. Give definitions for the following terms: Relative Humidity, Specific Heat, Adiabatic Expansion, Viscosity.

16. In a reaction turbine, name some ways how end thrust is relieved and why is there end thrust on a reaction turbine.

17. List three ways and describe each in detail on haw to remove particulate matter from flue gas.

Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.

18. Explain the procedure and what you would look for when placing an inverted bucket trap into service.

19. What is High Heat Value and how is it found in relation to Low Heat Value?

20. Describe what critical speed is in a part of a turbine. 



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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