2nd Engineers Written 12/18/01
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 12/18/2001


1.          How would you remove a failed weld to repair it?

2.          Describe what a convergent-divergent nozzle is.  Why is it used?

3.          Why do you have multiple throttle valves?

4.          What is galvanic corrosion?  How would you prevent it?

5.          An oil has a weight of 7.398 pounds per gallon.  What is the specific gravity of the oil?  Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon.

6.          Name six losses of a turbine (do not list loss to the condenser).

7.          Can you have a nozzle in a welded joint?

             Can you roll a tube in a hole in a welded joint? 

8.          A condenser losses vacuum gradually after six months.  List 6 causes. 

9.          What is water rate? 


10.        List and describe all auxiliaries for a condensing turbine. 

11.        What is a flexible coupling on a turbine?  Describe a gear or dental type. 

12.        What is specific heat? 

13.        When you hydro a boiler you must:

 14.        What is the boiler efficiency of 10,000 #/hr boiler producing 150 psig at 100% steam quality and feed water temperature of 212F.  Fuel is fed at 700 pounds per hour with a Btu content of 80,000.

15.        What is Net Positive Suction Head?  What is "actual" and "required"?

16.        List three signs of an overheated bearing.

17.        What is oil-ash corrosion?

18.        Stay bolt question?

19.        What are the classes of boilers?

            What is the least amount of appliances on a boiler for safe operation? 

20.           What two principles are turbines designed for?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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