2nd Engineer Written 10/29/02
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 10/27/2002


1)         Why are flexible couplings used on main turbines, describe a gear or dental type?

2)         What is the main purpose of a hole bored in the center of a turbine shaft?

3)         What is a spindle or dummy micrometer used for?

4)         How much heat is required to melt one pound of ice at 32 * F

5)         A boiler efficiency calculation.

6)         A combustion efficiency calculation.

7)         ws=51.5ap  ws=28000 lb/hr p=400 solve for A.

8)         Who is authorized to adjust safety valves and how can you tell if a safety valve is alright to install?

9)         PH reading is the concentration of ----- ?


10)       You are on watch at your plant, turbine is off line and on the turning gear, when can you close the generator breaker and why?

11)       List four safety devises on a gas turbine?

12)       List the operation and maintenance procedures to avoid compressor fouling on a gas turbine?

13)       What does the commonwealth require of a person performing the duties of the engineer in charge of a second class plant, what license is required?

14)       List four things that would cause a turbine to appear unbalanced when it actually was balanced?

15)       What is a blow down tank and what the piping requirements?

16)       How are throttling lossís minimized in a steam turbine?

17)       Why do we measure electric conductivity in boiler water?

18)       When is a radio graph and stress relieving required on a welded repair?

19)       What precautions should be taken while welding or inspecting a weld?

20)       What happens to the latent heat as the pressure goes up?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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