2nd Engineer Written 10/27/05
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 10/27/05


1)      Define/what is the difference between a safety valve, relief valve, and a safety-relief valve.

2)      Describe three methods of sealing a turbine casing and shaft

3)      What is static and dynamic balancing?

4)      Name LO tests that can be performed without a chemical analysis.

5)      Name three requirements of an efficient shaft bearing.

6)      Why are water walls used in boilers? In detail.

7)      Why does turbine efficiency increase when a condenser is used?

8)      You need to order a safety valve for a new boiler what do you need to know?

9)      How does the efficiency increase by heating feedwater?


10)  Name three ways the shell/casing is allowed to expand/contract on the HP end of a ST.

11)  What prevents a turbine from overspending from the steam in the reheater after a trip?

12)  What is the max carbon permitted in boiler steel?

13)  What does dissolved oxygen do in a boiler, how do you prevent it?

14)  How do you wash a turbine?

15)  What is axial clearance? How do you adjust a turbine axially?

16)  What causes corrosion and pitting? How do you prevent it?

17)  How does a GT produce its power?

18)  Explain how a Selective Catalytic Reduction system on a combined cycle unit works.

19)  On a boiler, the manufacturer’s data plate states that it produces 345 #/hr, the owner requests that a second data plate be installed which states the HP is 8.5, and that it has a BTU input of 356000 BTUs. Which one is correct?

20)  Drawing of a GT with a regenerator, state why a regenerator would be used.

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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