2nd Engineer Written 09/27/07
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 09/27/2007


1. A boiler rated for 150,000 Lb of steam per hour only delivers 135,000 Lb of steam give four possible causes.

2. Define net positive suction head what is the difference between required NPSH and available NPSH.

3. When would you reject a welders test coupon.

4. What is a non-destructive test? give some examples What do the NDT look for? (this was a welding question)

5. What are these ASME stamps? S, M, E, A

6. What are these elements? N, S, O, H

7. What would these chemicals be used for in a boiler or it's appurtenances? sodium sulfite, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride zeolite.

8. What is the efficiency of this boiler 10,000 Lb steam 150 psi quality 100% feedwater temp 212 700 gallons of oil burnt in an hour 18,000 btu/gallon enthalpy of steam 1,151.3

9. Define factor of evaporation and give the formula.

10. What is water hammer give cause result and remedy?

11. What are the requirements on a blow down tank piping?

12. What are the blow down requirements for a 150 MAWP boiler for both piping and valves?

13. Define BLOW DOWN as applies to safety valves Who can adjust blow down on a safety valve What is the minimum and maximum range of blowback on a natural circulation boiler. What is the plus or minus on the popping pressure of a safety valve on a 250 MAWP boiler?

14. What information is on the state log book?

15. Dimensions of a furnace given and gallons of oil per minute burned and Btu content give the furnace heat release.

16. What is a conductivity test?

17. Describe the construction and operation of Kingsbury thrust bearing.

18. What type of turbine develops more end thrust impulse or reaction and why?

19. What does an increase in excess air do to a boiler with an integral superheater firing rate is unchanged describe the effect on superheater temperature, boiler pressure and stack temperature.

20. What is specific gravity?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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