2nd Engineer Written 09/26/06
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 09/26/06


1. According to M.G.L. Chapter 146, Section 34, how often should air tanks be inspected? What pressure should they be inspected?

 2. What is a convergent-divergent nozzle? Why is it better than a convergent nozzle?

 3. What is sub or under cooling?

 4. What is a dummy micrometer used for?

 5. Name 4 ways to tell if a bearing has gone high temperature.

 6. What is the difference between bleed and extraction steam?

 7. What is excess air?

 8. What is a root pass in relation to a weld?

 9. How does a bomb calorimeter work?


 10. On some turbines, why are there more than one steam inlet lines?

 11. What is specific gravity?

 12. A question of a fuel’s but per/lb burning 82% efficient, using an amount of fuel in lb/hr. What was the btu loss?

 13. What boilers come under the ASME Power Boilers Section 1.

 14. How does a hydraulic governor work?

 15. When do air conditioning units require inspection?

 16. If the condenser tubes are rolled at each end, what takes the expansion on the condenser. (This was a multiple choice question)

 17. You need a turbine, 40 pounds and a large volume of steam and exhaust to a condenser. What type of turbine are you going to order.

 18. Another multiple choice question, I forgot what it was.

 19. How do you determine who can be in charge of a certain plant?

20. Who can be in charge of a second class plant?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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