2nd Engineer Written 09/21/99
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 09/21/1999


1. You have to install a blow down line on a high-pressure boiler what requirements, for pipe size, valves, and material used?  What volume in gallons and what pressure rating would you specify for the tank to meet the minimum requirements of the National Board Inspection Code?

2. How do you find boiler efficiency?

3. Three ways to purify water?

4. Define elastic limit, yield point, elongation, and relative loss.

5. Three ways to reduce stack emissions and how they work?

6. Name at least 6 losses in a turbine?

7. Name four trips on a turbine?

8. Describe a Kingsbury thrust bearing and its operation?

9. Atmospheric pressure is 29.92 in hg. Vacuum gauge reads 22 in. hg.  What is the absolute pressure?

10. What are over the fire air jets used for two uses?


11. Safety valves and safety relief valves what are the differences?

12. You have two pumps and one tank, one pump can empty the tank in 6 hours the other in 5 hours.  How long would it take if both ran?

13. You have 52 barrels of  #6 oil with a specific gravity of .85 at 60 degrees.  What is the weight of the oil?

14. Two types of air heaters

15. Are temperature changes or pressures more harmful to a boiler, and why?

16. What is the efficiency of a boiler 150psig 100% quality, 10,000 lbs /hr fuel 700 lbs, 18,000 btu lb.

17. How is steam flow measured?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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