2nd Engineer Written 08-17-99
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 08/17/1999


 1.         What is the horsepower and water rate of a theoretically perfect turbine operating at 175  psi and exhausting to a condenser at 28.9 Hg. Steam is supplied at 1000 pounds per hour? ( h1 = 1187),  (h2=895), (h3= 10.5).

 2.         What is the difference between engine horsepower and boiler horsepower?

 3.         What is galvanic corrosion, and how do you prevent it?

 4.         What types of couplings are used on a turbine shaft?

 5.         What two adjustments can be made on a safety valve, and who can do it?

 6.         A.) How do you know a welder is qualified?  B.)  How long does the qualification last?  C.)  Who keeps records and is responsible for testing?

 7.         Find the BTU content of a coal sample with, c 85%, 02 5%, H 5%, S 1% N 3%, A 1-%?

 8.         Who tests the coupons sent in by the welders?

 9.         Name 6 reasons for gradual vacuum loss?


 10.       Name 4 reasons for a 150,000 LB / hr boiler to only produce 133,000 LB/hr?

 11.      According to fan laws if speed increases what happens to A. volume, B. pressure, and C. horsepower?

 12.       Define heat treatment and stress relieving?

 13.       A boiler fired with coal with a BTU value of 18,500 per lb. burning 1150 lb./hr at 82% efficiency what is the total BTU loss'?

 14.       State the procedure for blow down tank installation? Explain fully.

15.       The company with a spool piece has reduced a turbine with a six-inch inlet to four inches. Who can operate and take charge this turbine in accordance with chapter 1467

16.       What is a separating calorimeter and how does it operate?

l 7.       List environmental, concerns and limits of a boiler according to the law?

 18.       Why do you test coal in a power plant?

 19.       What test can be done for a leak on a pressure vessel?

 20.       What is a syncroscope and how does it operate? Explain in detail.

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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