2nd Engineer Written 07/29/06
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 07/29/06


1.    Determine developed boiler horsepower given steam flow and factor of evaporation.

2.    Required oil pressure at bearing is 8 psig. Oil tank is 20 feet above. Is oil pressure enough. S.G is .75.

3.    Purpose of converging-diverging nozzle and benefit over converging nozzle.

4.    Purpose and operation of gland exhauster condenser.

5.    Flat gage glass vs. tubular gage glass.

6.    Furnace heat release calculation given dimensions of furnace in feet, oil flow rate and heating value.

7.    Cause of laminations/blisters and what repairs can be made.

8.    Btuís in a BHP; Btuís in a mechanical HP

9.    Boiler efficiency calculation given10.9# water evaporated per pound of coal, FW=212, HV=14,645Btu/#

10.    2 ways to repair corrosion around a manhole.

11.    What is combustion


12.    Difference between a SV and a SRV (ASME code).

13.    Air ejector Ė principle of operation.

14.    Necessary safety appliances for a power boiler.

15.    Type of turbine with greatest end thrust and why

16.    2" pipe supplying steam. Pipe is increased to 6". How much more steam?

17.    1000kw generator. How many horsepower?

18.    Bomb calorimeter. What is it and how is it used?

19.    Blow down pipe and valve requirements for 150 psig boiler.

20.    Napierís law: W=51.5 AP. Given steam flow (W), and pressure is 400psia what is the required safety inlet diameter.

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