2nd Engineer Written 07/29/02
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 07/29/2002


1.      Name three ways that expansion and contraction of rotor and casing are handled at the H.P. End of the turbine?

2.      How is over speeding of a turbine that has a reheater prevented after the turbine has tripped?

3.      A steam heating system is changed from a 2 diameter header to a 6 diameter header. How much more steam can the header handle?

4.      On a reaction turbine, which clearances are more crucial axial or radial?

5.      What is the first step to setting up a water treatment program?

6.      What is the effect of dissolved oxygen on boiler feedwater and how is it removed?

7.      What are; Sodium Sulfite? Sodium Hydroxide? And Sodium Chloride?

8.      True or false, Definition of a synchroscope? (Discusses phase angle and voltage).

9.      In a surface condenser, how can you tell if vacuum loss is due to air infiltration or a dirty condenser?

10.  Why does having a condenser improve turbine efficiency?

11.  Explain the operation of an air ejector?


12.  In a combined cycle gas turbine plant, what major maintenance repair is done to fix compressor fouling?

13.  In a combined cycle gas turbine plant, what major operation procedures can be done to prevent compressor fouling?

 14.   A new boiler in your plant has a tag on it that states it has 65 sq. ft. heating surface and operates at 345 #/hr, it has an s stamp and a national board number. The installer attaches a new tag that says the heating surface is 50 sq. ft. and has a Btu input of 300,000 + Btu/hr (not sure of exact number). As chief of this plant, what is real hp and how do you know which tag is correct? (Chapter 146).

15.  List 4 turbine trips not generator trips.

16.  List 6 causes of turbine vibration?

17.   You come across a thrust bearing that is reading 145F where normally it has been 130F. what do you do?

18.  Explain the operation of a Kingsbury thrust bearing (drawing is optional).

19.  Name three ways to determine safety valve capacity?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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