2nd Engineer Written 07/01/99
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 07/01/1999


1. Name 4 safety devices on a gas turbine?

2. Name 5 Non-destructive tests and briefly describe.

3. Name 3 trips on a steam turbine and how they are connected.

4. 2000HP boiler, 200PSI, pump efficiency 85%,What's the pump HP?

5. Blades 48in., 400RPM, What is the  steam speed in relation to blade speed with steam traveling @ 11,900 ft/min?

6. 6 inch inlet company wants to install a 4 inch. spool who can have charge of this according to Chap. 146?

7. Define NPSH.  What is actual and required?

8. What does a company need that performs welding on a boiler?

9. What are the duties of an engineer in charge? What license do you need if it's a 2nd class plant?

10. Define stress corrosion crack.


11. 8 things to consider before installing an economizer?

12. How would you remove a rotor without bumping it?

13. Fans Laws: Fan speed increases, What happens to the volume of air, total pressure, and horsepower?

14. How would you figure safety valve relieving capacity on a super heater?

15. What info can you find on a Mollier Diagram?

16. What is a spindle or dummy micrometer?

17. Name 3 ways of controlling NOX.

18. What is creep?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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