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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 07/20/1999


1. Give 7 reasons for heat loss in a boiler.

2. List 4 protective devices on a GAS turbine.
3. How long must the radiographs be kept on file by the manufacturer for power boilers?
4. How do you align the shaft of a small turbine feed pump and explain how to check it?
5. Give 3 ways you can tell the bearings on a turbine are overheated.
6. Why does the auxiliary lube oil pump continue to operate even after the turbine has been secured?
7. Pipe up an extraction line for safety.
8. A boiler generates 20,000 lb/hr and has a factor of evaporation of 1.24. What is the developed boiler horsepower?
9. What is a dry bottom furnace, and a wet bottom furnace?
10. What is an exciter explain how it works?


11. How is scrap metal prevented from entering the pulverizer when burning pulverized coal?
12. Define net positive suction head. What is required and actual net positive suction head?
13. Describe  thermal efficiency of a turbine with bled steam heating feed water at various stages.
14. List the steps for starting a turbine driven feed water pump.
15. Why are multi inlet valves used explain in detail?
16. Give 4 reasons for loss of vacuum in a surface condenser and give the remedy for each.
17. How is dye penetrate used?
18. Describe the operation of a Hydraulic Governor be very clear and specific use a drawing if necessary.
19. Surface condenser vacuum is 27" the barometer reads 29.8". What is the absolute barometric pressure and absolute psi.
20. What is the M.A.W.P. of a cast iron water column?  

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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