2nd Class Engineer Written Exam 007/01/2011
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2nd Class Engineer Written Exam 07/01/2011


1. List three scale forming compounds and the type of scale they form (hard, soft, and insoluble).

2. True or False? A synchroscope compares the generators waveform to the grids waveform by measuring the phase angle between the two.

3. What are some causes of pitting and corrosion?

4. How do you determine the set-point of a super heaters safety valve?

5. During rounds of a large generating station you notice the thrust bearing temperature has increased from its normal temperature of 130F to 145F. All the other parts of the turbine system are normal. is there a problem, and what do you do?

6. How do you adjust the radial clearances on a turbine?

7. Draw a picture of a cross compound turbine and indicate all the staging.

8. A flue gas analysis showed 15%co2 and 5% o2, by volume, what’s the excess air?

9. What do the symbols in ohms law represent? E=IR?


10. What pressure is a blank cover plate good to (in place of a safety valve during a hydro)?  The dimensions and strength of the plate was given.  The formula to solve was given, T=d/cp/s.

11. What is an accumulation test? and when should one never be performed?

12. Explain a zeolite water softener process?

13. What is the maximum amount of carbon that can be in boiler pressure part metal?

14. When steam passes through a P.R.V. what happens to the temperature, pressure, entropy, enthalpy, and superheat?

15. What flue gasses are measured to control pollution instead of for combustion efficiency?

16. Name the parts that make up a large surface condenser? (There’s 7 items)

17. Name several causes of turbine vibration.

18. What is a water seal gland and how does it work?

19. What’s the specific heat of steam, oil and air?

20. How do you know when a shell and tube feed water heater is leaking in the tubes?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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