2nd Engineer Written 06/27/07
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 06/27/07


1.        Define Factor of Evaporation.  Give the formula.

2.        What are 3 ways to find the relieving capacity of a safety valve

3.       What do these chemicals do for water?

a.       Sodium Sulfite

b.      Sodium Hydroxide

c.       Sodium Chloride

4.       What does bleed steam do for turbine efficiency when bleeds are used as feed water heaters?

5.        Oil weighs 6.91 lb/gal with 39’ API specific gravity.  What’s lb/ft3 ?  How many barrels are there in 100 tons?  (Note 1 gal of water weighs 8.33 lb)

6.       A question that asks about throttle valves and nozzles …. I think it was looking for throttling losses and why is it better to control steam flow with nozzles.

7.        Air ejector condensers discharge directly into

a.       Main condenser

b.      Aux condenser

c.       Condensate and feed water system


8.       A boiler produces 148,000 lb/hr of steam per lb of coal consumed.  The feed water temp is 212’F.  BTU value of the coal is 14,645 BTU/lb.  What is the boiler efficiency?

9.        What are 4 causes for a turbine to appear dynamically unbalanced when it actually is? 

10.    Is pressure or temperature more Injurious to a boiler?

11.    When can you close the generator breaker on a turbine on turning gear?  Why?

12.   List 4 trips on a modern gas turbine.

13.   Describe a wet boiler lay up?

14.    What is the main purpose of a hole bored in the center of a turbine shaft?

15.    A question that asks how you check a weld after post heat treatment? 

16.   Calculate the heating value for 85% carbon, 5% hydrogen,  5% oxygen, and 1% sulfur. 

17.   If condenser tubes are rolled at each end how does expansion occur?

a.       Bellows tube sheet

b.      Casing expansion joint

c.       Condenser sliding feet


18.   Impulse or reaction turbine?  Which one weighs less and is smaller per mechanical horsepower produced?

19.    What is the principal operation of an air ejector?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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