2nd Engineer Written 06/05/06
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 06/05/06


1.       why is a steam turbine is less efficient than a boiler. 

2.       Define Specific Gravity, Power, Stress and Strain

3.       What is the Specific heat of Oil, H2O, Steam, and Air

4.       A drawing of a GT Burner that illustrates parts, describe what each component does and what maintenance problems exist with each component

5.       What are the three main areas of concerns when it comes to stress when determining the working pressure of a fire tube boiler

6.       What is Radial flow in a Steam Turbine

7.       72 tubes 3 OD 66D 18 ft in length, what is the heating surface of a fire tube boiler neglecting the tube sheet, consider the heads to be .

8.       List/explain the qualities of oil for a turbine?


9.       How would you detect a leak in a closed loop feed water heater?\

10.   Where does steam turbine blade erosion occur, what causes it?

11.   How is power made in a gas turbine?

12.   How are tubes attached in a condenser

13.   What causes vibration on a steam turbine?

14.   What qualifications must you have to sit for this license?

15.   You are purchasing a 10,000,000 BTU boiler for use in MA, according to CMR what environmental controls will be required?

16.   How are flame monitors positioned in reference to igniters and why?

17.   What is latent heat, sensible heat?

18.   What stops a turbine from over-speeding after a trip?

19.   After repairing an inverted bucket trap, what is the first thing you do before placing it back into service?

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