2nd Engineer Written 08/18/98
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 08/18/1998


1.) What is the efficiency of this turbine using the Rankine Cycle?  200 PSIA,  600o F, 1" back pressure,  rated at 10.5 per horse power hour.

2.) How many expansions take place with steam at the following conditions?  Steam pressure 400 PSIA &  Vacuum 29 ".  Steam tables given.

3.) A boiler burns #6 fuel oil with a heating valve of 146,000 BTU's a gallon.  Steam at the boiler outlet has 1200 BTU.s,  feed water temperature is 210o F . Combustion efficiency is 82 %.  How many lbs of water can be evaporated per gallon of fuel?

4.) Describe a mixed bed deminerlizer?

5.) What is a exciter and describe its operation.?

6.) Describe how to synchronize a generator?

7.) Order a safety valve.


8.) Find the thickness of a head with the pressure on the concave side when it is the segment of a sphere with a flanged in manhole?  Given: 300 MAWP,  40" Diameter,  Stress = 13,700,  PG 29.3 states thickness shall be increased by 15%

9.) How can a boiler tube carry such high pressure with such thin walls?  Prove by this formula for a longitudinal

10.) Given the pitch the tube diameter and hole diameter.  What is the ligament eff?

11.) Describe the operation of a three element feed water system?

12.) What is the ASME Code for (boilers) and what is the National Board for?

13.) Name four causes of loss of vacuum and how to correct them?

14.) How much heat is lost to the condenser given the following?  Given: Inlet pressure & temperature, vacuum, barometer and they gave a figure of 1050 BTU's at exhaust.

15.) Why do we have multiple valve governors?  Explain fully.

16.) What is the purpose of a extraction turbine grid valve?  Explain fully.

17.) A turbine uses 40,000 lbs of steam a hour and a output is 2,000 KWH.  What is the water rate?

18.) With respect to corrosion deterioration, what is grooving and where would you find it?

19.) What can you do with this license?

20.) What is a fluidized bed boiler?  What is its advantage?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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