2nd Class Engineer Written Exam 03/31/2011
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2nd Class Engineer Written Exam 03/31/2011


1.     Who can adjust safety valves settings and how can you tell if it alright to put in service?

2.     What is a single butt weld and a double butt weld?

3.     How do you determine water rate?

4.     Name three ways to find minimum safety valve capacity?

5.     How often do air tanks need to inspected?

6.     Which clearance is more vital in a reaction turbine axial or radial and why?

7.     What is a yield point in regarding metal?

8.     Why must coal be sampled and tested in a power plant?


9.     Using steam flow how do you determine the horsepower of turbine?   What is the water rate?

10.   What are 5 reasons for a gradual vacuum loss in a condenser?

11.   What are the reasons for superheater failure?  Give measure to prevent these failures.

12.   A steel bean 33’ long and the temperature is raised 50 degrees C, how long will the beam be after expansion? Assume expansion is 10 x 10 - 6.

13.   During turbine warm up should the vacuum be maintained high or low and why?

14.   What is the furnace heat release 15 x 10 x 46, fuel rate 90gpm and 146,000 Btu’s/gal?

15.   What is the theoretical discharge pressure of a 12 x 6 x 8 pump operating at 125 psi?

16.   A 200 MAWP boiler has 3 safety valves, what is the range of these valves?

17.   What is excess air?

18.   What is an exciter and how does it operate?

19.   What does an increase in excess air do to a boiler with an integral superheater?  Firing rate is unchanged, describe the effect on superheater temperature, boiler pressure and stack temperature. 

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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