2nd Engineer Written 02/01/2007
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 02/01/2007


1.     What is a steam boiler under ASME code as far as pressure and temp?

2.     What is combustion? In detail.

3.     What happens to latent heat when process is increased or decreased?

4.     Who can be in charge of a 2nd class plant?

5.     A boiler rated for 150,000 lbs/hr and is putting out 130,000 lbs/hr. Give 4 reasons why it’s not putting out its max.

6.     Name four trips on a turbine.

7.     What is “end point” on a circulation process?

8.     What is galvanic corrosion and how is it prevented?

9.     What is a reinforcement weld?

10. What is rotor long and rotor short?

11. Calculate the combustion air require for 10% carbon, 5% Hydrogen, 5% Oxygen and 3% Sulfur.

12. What is an adiabatic process and where does it take place in a power plant?

13. A boiler generates 10,000 lbs of steam per hour and has a factor of evaporation of 1.24, what is the developed boiler horsepower?


14. What is blow down or blowback on a safety valve?

           What is the setting of percentage of blowback?

15. How much can a 250 lb safety valve be adjusted above or below set pressure? Who can adjust the safety valve?

16. Has an authorized inspector any right to disagree with the manufacturer’s records and call for re qualification of a welder or to have physical test made again?

17. What do these chemicals do for water:

Sodium hydroxide?

Sodium sulfite?

Sodium chloride?

Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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