2nd Engineer Written 01/24/04
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 01/24/2004


1)      What is ultimate analysis? Proximate analysis? Explain in detail.

2)      What is a shroud?

3)      Blade speed of turbine is 400 RPM and blades are 48. Steam speed is 11500 ft/min. What is relation between blade speed and steam speed?

4)      What is rotor long? Rotor short?

5)      Explain procedure for blow down of a boiler with one quick opening valve and one slow opening valve. Explain the difference between blowdown and blow off systems.

6)      What is a watt?


7)      Show three ways to find relieving capacity of a safety valve.

8)      How are radial clearances measured in a turbine?

9)      Why does an auxiliary pump stay running when turbine is secured?

10)  How do you remove a poor weld that needs to be done over?

11)  How do superheater tube failures occur? How do you prevent these problems?

12)  Name the combustible components in coal?

13)  A steel beam is 33 ft. long and the temperature is raised 50 degrees C. How long will the beam be after expansion? Assume expansion coefficient is 10 X 10 to the -6th power.

14)  Does bleeding steam from a turbine for pre heating affect turbine efficiency?

15)  Which part of the boiler receives the most pressure?

16)  What information is found in the state operators log book?

17)  What is the purpose of a syncroscope ?

18)  Pump 1 can empty a tank in 6 hours. Pump 2 can empty same tank in 5 hours. How long will it take to empty the same tank using both pumps at the same time?

19)  Is pressure or temperature more injurious to a boiler?

20)  Describe principle operation of an air ejector. 

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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