2nd Engineer Written 01/01/99
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 01/01/1999


1. What is the purpose of a syncroscope?

 2. What is the difference between an ultimate and a proximate analysis?

 3. Name the major boiler losses. (Seven)

 4. What are the probable causes for a surface-condensing turbine to gradually lose vacuum?

Name at least five.     (Asked twice)

 5. A boiler is rated for 150,000 pounds of steam per hour, but only produces 135,000 pounds per hour. List four (4) probable causes.

 6. A turbine operates at 100% efficiency. The steam is supplied at 175 psig, exhausts at 28.5 inches Hg. The turbine uses 1,000 pounds of steam per hour. What is the horsepower and water rate? (Given h1=1,197; h2=851; hf2=105).


 7. How is the Thermal Efficiency of a turbine affected by bleeding steam to heat the feed water?

 8. What information is listed in the Daily Record book that is published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety?

 9. What is the difference between Active and Inactive pitting?

 10. How are the bearings aligned in a Turbine Generator?

 11. What is the theoretical discharge pressure of a pump from 1,800 RPM at 100 PSI to 3,000 RPM?

 12. What is the difference between static and dynamic balancing?

 13. Name at least six turbine losses? Do not use the condenser in your answer.

 14. Name five reasons for a pressure drop in a Number 6 fuel oil line.

 15. Start a small condensing turbine.

 16. There are two 300 HP boilers in separate locations in the same plant. Can a third class engineer take charge? If the boilers are in battery?

 17. A Company wants to insert a spool piece to change the steam inlet to the turbine from 6 to 4. What license is necessary to be in charge?

18. What are the requirements for a company to do welded repairs in Massachusetts? How are these requirements met?

 19. What is the purpose of a vacuum pump in a vacuum heating system and why is such a heating system used?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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