2nd Class Engineer Oral Exam 3/15/92
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2nd Class Engineer 

Oral Exam


1.) How do you determine the size for a economizer safety valve?

 2:) How do you determine the size of a safety valve for a isolated super heater?

 3.) How do you determine minimum safety valve relieving capacity?

  4.) What do the numbers in PG. 70 mean?

 5.) A boiler at 500 MAWP with a super heater requires four safety valves.  What pressures will you set them?

 6.) How much capacity can the super heater safety valve account for?

 7.) When would you not take into account the 25 percent?

 8.) What is the maximum setting of a safety valve?

 9.) What is the range of settings for these safety valves?

 10.) How do you check the capacity of these safety valves?

 11.) How do you perform an accumulation test?

 12.) What do C,H,.75 and 1100 signify?

 13.) When two valves are mounted singly, what is the requirement?

 14.) How do you order a safety valve?


 1.) What is the difference between a Scotch Boiler and a Scotch Marine Boiler?

 2.) How do you calculate ligament efficiency? 

3.) He handed me a drawing like this and asked me the number of diameters?

                                  Example PG-52.4

 4.) What is the delta temperature in a surface condenser?

 5.) If the temperature delta increased what is the problem?

 6.) How would you know air was leaking into the condenser?

 7.) Where would this air enter the condenser?

 8.) What would cause problems in air ejector?

 9.) What do you know about porosity in welding?

 1.) What valves in your plant would you want to fail open?

2.) OK!!!  I will ask it another way.  What valves would you want to fail shut? 

3.) What is gagging with respect to turbine blades? 

4.) Name five turbine trips?