2nd Engineer Oral 11/17/05
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2nd Class Engineer Oral Exam 11/17/05


Inspectors Geryk, Pineyro, and O’Rourke

We discussed my plant for quite a while, covering all its components, pressures, temps, etc.

How does an Air Cooled Condenser work? How does a surface condenser work?

Explain freeze protection on an ACC

Discussed my plants water treatment and testing, including NH3 and Oxygen dosing.

Why do you dose Oxygen into your feedwater? To form magnetite layer…

Why is silica in feedwater bad? Will iron carry over into the ST like silica does?

Explain how a Once-Through Boiler works; can you blowdown your HRSG?

How does a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) vaporize the NH3?


Briefly discussed ISO New England and the bidding process.

Discussed how we bring our GT and ST’s up, and how the steam is handled before the            ST are able to start. Can your plant fire the HRSG separately?

Explain the repair process on a boiler. (Ask AI for permission, etc…)

How do you know a welding company holds an R stamp? Certificate of authorization…

Asked about routine repairs and name the four types of routine repairs.

If you need a tube rolled in, do you need a company that holds a R stamp?

If you needed to have a repair performed on boiler external piping, can you hire any company, what stamp do they need?

Where does boiler external piping start and end?

What is the weakest part of a boiler, I answered any flat surfaces, he then said not in a firetube boiler but in a watertube boiler, I said the drum, he then gave a hint by asking what ligament efficiency was. I told them the formula, and that it must be the lower drum sheet, as they make it thicker to compensate for the tube holes.

What is a blister, what causes it?

How would you size a steam line in new construction?

How do you calculate boiler efficiency?

What is the Mollier chart, what can you do with it?

How do you size a superheater safety valve?

What does the code say about two safety valves mounted singly?

List the range of safety valve settings allowed.

How do you size an economizer safety valve?

Briefly asked about 310 CMR’s

At what pressure are two gage glasses required?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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