2nd Engineer Oral 11/07/02
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 11/07/2002


Referring to your written exam of July 31, 2002

 What else besides reheat and intercept valves will prevent a turbine from overspeeding after a turbine trip? He wanted block and non-return valves on bleed lines off turbines and the dump valve (there is a technical name for this valve I could not recall it) relieving the steam in the reheater lines to the condenser.

 Expand upon your answer about how air ejectors work. Are they only steam? OK, with steam air ejectors explain the system. You mentioned the inter-condenser loop seal, what happens if you loose it? How do you get it back? Have you ever noticed how long that loop seal is? Why do you think it is that long? Why doesn’t it blow out all the time?

 There are some distinct differences between impulse and reaction type turbines to deal with thrust. Please explain what they are, why they are that way. He was leaning towards large machines with dual axial flow LP’s and piggy backed HPIP arrangement. This was other than dummy pistons and thrust bearings.


What is an atmospheric relief valve and where do you find it?

What is a sentinel valve? What is it used for or what is it telling you when it lifts? Where do you find it?

What type of turbine parameters are you monitoring on your supervisory panel?

How many points are there for vibration monitoring?

Where are they located?

How do the Hydrogen seals work on a generator?

What kind of oil is used?

Why do we use hydrogen and not something else like air?

If we need to work on the generator, tell me how you go about making the atmosphere safe to work in?

What type of lube oil temperatures and pressures do you see on a turbine?

You mentioned labyrinth seals, why do we use them? How do they work? And what do they look like?

What is shrouding?

What are seal element strips and where are they found and why?

 Lets move on… water treatment

 Tell me how you would initiate a water treatment program at a new plant.

How does a zeolite water softener work?

How does a dimineralizer work?

What are phosphates used for?

What are we trying to remove with them?

What is pitting?

What is Ph?

Explain the Ph scale.

What is the Ph in your boilers? What is normal?

What is conductivity?

How do we measure it?

What are the parameters at your plant?

Why is it important?


You are the new Chief engineer at a plant, and your company wants you to go down to your sister plant in Virginia and bring a boiler up to your plant, What are you going to do?

He was looking for a combination of chapter 146 guidelines, what inspector would you use and why. What gives that inspector his authority?

“AI” Authorized Inspector who holds a National Boiler Commission via the N.B.I.C. code. Board of Boiler rules does not have jurisdiction in Virginia.

Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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