2nd Oral Engineers Exam Test 10/19/07
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2nd Oral Engineers Exam Test 10/19/07

(Inspectors) Blackburn, Russo, Sullivan


Tell me about your plant.

Put the steam turbine on line.

Why does the turbine soak at 1080 RPM?

What is rotor long?

We talked about the exciter.

How do you find an air leak in the condenser?

Still canít find it what do you do?

Cooling water leak how to find it.

What cools the generator where you work?

What about Hydrogen cooled generators?

When gassing and degassing where does the Hydrogen enter the generator and CO2?

Why is Hydrogen oil tank under vacuum?

What can you do with this license?

Define Boiler Horsepower per Chapter 146.

Define periodic, non-continuous, and continuous attendance.

How many safety valves on a boiler?

How about an Electric Boiler?

Closed feedwater heater what happens with a tube rupture?

Pipe up a water column to a 150 MAWP HRT.

Pipe up the bottom blow down to same boiler.

What is at the blow down connection to the boiler?

How do know if your HRT boiler has settled?

Pipe up a feedwater line to the same boiler?

What is at the connection of the feedwater line to the head of the boiler?

What is porosity and how would you describe it?

Describe a regenerative air preheater.


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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