2nd Engineers Oral 10/08/99
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2nd Class Engineer Oral Test 10/08/1999


What kind of turbines do you have at your plant? Explain completely.

What kind of boilers do you have?

What kind of air preheaters do you have? At what speed do they rotate?

What is the NBIC? Who makes up the NBIC? What is the function of the NBIC?

What is the difference between the NBIC and the ASME?

If you have a welder come in to do code welding on your boiler what will you check before allowing him to do work?

What is a Dutchman? What is a Window Patch? What type of welding is used on  the inside back of the tube when doing a window patch repair?

What safety precautions must you as the Chief take before allowing a man to enter the boiler for repairs?  When stationing a man outside for safety how long should he stay there?

When firing with natural gas what parts of the furnace should be checked for air quality welder entering the furnace and how often? (inspector sites the recent explosion of a furnace in Detroit and the death of a welder)


Can a regular drop light be used in the furnace or is low voltage lighting required?

You are going to have PP welding done on the main steam line with two stop valves, as the engineer in charge what will you do for safety before welding begins? 

What would you check of the welder and the welding company? 

After the welding is complete you decide to install a pressure line from the main steam line to the control board for a pressure gauge, what must the repairman show you before he can begin repairs? 

What grade of license must he hold to do this work?

What grade license must the company employing him hold? What work is the apprentice allowed to do? 

How many apprentices are allowed to work under each journeyman?

If you have a tube leak who must you notify before work can begin?

Who should be notified right away at any time?

After repairing this tube what paper work should be filled out and to whom shall it be sent?

Perform a Hydrostatic Test, list all parameters, temp, pressure, etc. 

How long do you hold this pressure?

What is the temp of the water in the tubes while inspecting?

How much pressure is on the boiler while doing a close visual inspection?

If you are the chief and your fireman comes in to take over the shift and he is intoxicated what will you do?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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