2nd Oral Engineers Exam 08/01/2011
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2nd Oral Engineers Exam  05/01/2011


Inspectors on oral exam board was Inspector Kane, Streeter, and Sullivan

-The first questions were asked about the facility i work at as well as previous places of employment (types of equipment)

-What experience do i have with steam turbines?

-What is the path that air must follow when it is sucked into a gas turbine?

-If i am the Chief at my facility and the operator comes to me and says "the steam drum is emulsifying" what do i do. (I believe the inspector was talking about foaming, but not unsure).

-What is the cause of my superheat temperature dropping off, all systems appear normal. (He was looking for broken baffles)

-How would i have a water column replaced?  Who would be qualified to do the work?  What would the process be?   What type and sizes of piping?  What codes dictate how this is completed?

-What is B31-1?


-How would i have my bottom blow down piping replaced?  Start to finish like the water column question.

-Where on the condenser are the air ejectors located?

-During startup, which stage ejectors are put into service first?

-What would happen if you lose you loop seal?

-How much of the energy produced from a gas turbine is needed to operate the gas turbine?

-Several questions about S.C.R. systems and chemically treating flue gasses.

-What are the attendance requirements according to chapter 146? (HP/PSI=what class plant)

-What types of super heaters are there?

-How do you degas a H2 generator?   What is the piping arrangement for the H2 and CO2?

-What are the air permits at my facility, and what are the pollution monitoring systems in place?

-How do you determine ligament efficiency?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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