2nd Engineer Oral 07-08-99
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2nd Class Engineer Oral Test 07/08/1999


Tell me about the welder certification. Can a qualified welder do any repair on a boiler? Is the welder certified if he goes to work for another company?

Put a 5meg condensing turbine on line. Explain fully. Asked about warming, vacuum, rolling, and when to apply field. After you are on line how much load do you apply and for how long do you hold at this level before increasing load?

What happens to the steam in each part of a Curtis stage? Why is a Curtis stage used, and where.

You are the chief how do you explain to your new fireman, blowing down your boiler?

What information do you need to know to order a safety valve?

How do you size a safety valve for an economizer? How do you size one for a super heater that can be shut off and independently fired?

How many safeties on a boiler?


What does the code say about separately mounted safety valves of different size?

What kind of thrust bearing at your plant. Tapered Land. How is that constructed? How do you find the clearances with the machine off line and on line? How do you adjust the clearances?

Where would you be likely to find a Kingsbury Thrust Bearing and why?

What are the differences between an Impulse and a Reaction turbine?

Do an over speed trip test? What speed must the turbine trip at? What forces the trip pin out? If the turbine operates at 3600 rpm what is the trip speed?

What is a Sentinel valve?

Calculate the thickness of an unstayed dished head?

What size blow down tank do you need to have? What is the maximum temp the water can be going to a sewer?

Do an efficiency test on a boiler? What about the instrumentation?

What is the critical speed in a nozzle?

Who can adjust the set pressure on a safety valve? Can the chief do it?

What is the National Board? Who is on the national board and what function does it serve?

At the plant where a boiler is fabricated how is it stress relieved? How is it cooled? Are fans placed to blow air on it? Is water pored on it? What effect would this have?

What is the Willians Line?  


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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