2nd Oral Engineers Exam 05/31/2011
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2nd Oral Engineers Exam  05/31/2011


  1. Your PH in you boiler is dropping quickly what is the problem and what can you do?
  2. ASME Symbols, M, E
  3. Safety Valve Requirements for a superheater
  4. Assessment of turbine horsepower (state method)
  5. Attendance requirements CHP 146
  6. The vacuum in your condenser is rising, what is the problems and what can you do to fix it
  7. Air Permits of your plant
  8. Describe the operation of an SCR and what are the exiting gases?
  9. What are the parts of a Curtis Wheel and why do we use them?
  10. What is a bridge gauge used for and when can you use it?
  11. Operation of a Jet and surface condenser
  12. What are the holes in an Impulse turbine for?  
  13. Describe your plant.   
  14. What is a Diaphragm?
  15. What is a Defect in regard to metal?
  16. Name 5 NDE’s
  17. What can do you with a 1st Class Fireman’s license?
  18. What are Backing  Straps?
  19. What is “Rotor Short” and “Rotor Long”?
  20. What is Cold End Corrosion?
  21. What is under cooling?
  22. What can you find on a Mollier Chart?
  23. What are wearing  rings?
  24. What are lantern rings?


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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