2nd Engineer Oral 05-15-2001
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2nd Class Engineer Oral Test 05/15/2001


 1.       What are five causes of turbine vibrations?

 2.       What are six reasons a condenser could lose vacuum?

 3.       Explain in detail the operation of a mechanical hydraulic governor.

 4.       Why are there multiple inlet valves to a turbine?

 5.       What is the difference between bleeder valves and extraction valves?

 6.       What is an exciter and what is its function?

 7.       What is a sycroscope?

 8.       What are some measurable faults in a weld?

 9.       List some discontinuities in a weld?

 10.     Describe a double butt weld and a single butt weld.


 11.     What should be done prior to welding the second side of a double butt weld?

 12.     How is the metal to be removed from a weld that has failed?

 13.     Per ASME code what are the requirements for the construction of a high pressure    boiler, what are they for a high temperature hot water boiler?

 14.     A furnace is 10 x 15 x 46, it burns 90gpm of oil that has a heating value of 148,000 BTU/gal. What is the heat release rate of the boiler?

 15.    A boiler is rated at 150,000 lb/hr but is only producing 130,000 lb/hr. List four reasons why it producing rated capacity while at full load conditions.

 16.    The steam entering a turbine is at 175 psi and exhausts to a turbine at 28.5 Hga. Steam flow is 1000 lbs/hr.   What is the turbine hp. and water rate?

            H1  H2  HF2 are given

 17.    Up to what pressure can cast iron be used on a water column?

 18.     When does stress relieving and radiography need to be performed on a weld?

 19.     Name all the auxiliaries that are found on a condensing turbine?

 20.     How many BTUs are in a boiler hp?           How many ft.lbs in a hp?

 21.     A boiler produces 20,000 lbs/hr and has a factor of evaporation of 1.78. What is the developed boiler hp?

 22.     What valves are found at the outlet of an extraction line?

 23.     How will you know when a large turbine is warmed up properly?

 24.     Explain sub cooling in a condenser.

 25.     A boiler produces 200,000 lbs/hr of steam at 600# - 750˚F. The feed water temperature is 320˚F. What is the boiler hp?     Enthalpies are given.


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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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