2nd Engineeer Oral 03/20/1998
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 03/20/1998


Inspector O' Brian

Name four protective devices on a turbine.

At what point does your thrust bearing relay operate?

Describe Isochronous governing

Name eight considerations to installing an Economizer

How would you extinguish a pulverizer fire?

How do your electrostatic precips work?

What is the spark rate? And how do you adjust it?

What are some problems encountered  with your screen wells?

What is the relationship between incoming and running voltage when you phase in your generator? 

Describe excitation? Explain the effects of varying the field?


Inspector Finney 

Replace a tube in a Scotch Marine Boiler?

Are these tubes shipped to you cut to the proper length?

How much does the tube overhang each tube sheet?

How does an expander & flaring tool work? How are they set up?

What are the tell tale signs of a tube leak in a Scotch Marine Boiler?

Tell me two things that show the tube has been properly expanded?

Explain a tube hole groove seat.

Inspector Caputo 

You mentioned reaming the tube holes slightly oversized, explain.

What is section nine of the ASME code?

What must a contractor show you before you allow him to repair your boiler?

Who and how are his welders qualified?

Describe WPS & PQR.

Who approves and qualifies the procedure?

Do the test results show up on the PQR?

Have you seen a tube repair in your plant? Describe how it is done. How is and why is a window patch used?

What do you call the new section of tube being installed?

What is a backing ring and when would you use one?

On the WPS what is listed under essentials and nonessentials?



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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