2nd Engineer Oral 3/20/00
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2nd ENGINEER’S ORAL EXAM 3-20-2000


1.      Remove and replace a tube on a Cleaver Brooks fire tube Scotch Marine boiler.

2.      Do a hydrostatic test on a Cleaver Brooks fire tube boiler.

3.      What are the temperatures required for post heat treatment and why do we post heat welds?

4.      Tell me everything you know about preheat treatment.

5.      How do you know when preheat temperature is reached?

6.      How does a company go about getting an “R” certificate?

7.      How do welders qualify, what form is use while they are qualifying and what is on this form?

8.      What is a W.P.S. form?

9.      What is a routine repair?


10.  Give me an example on a repair or alteration of a non-load bearing attachment, attached to a pressure retaining item, where post weld heat treatment is not required.

11.  What’s the difference between an alteration and a repair?

12.  After a repair has been made what form needs to be filled out?

13.  After an alteration what form needs to be filled out?

14.  You have a tube leak the hole in the tube is 5 inches and cannot be hammered back how could this be repaired?

15.  What kind of repair is it when a section of tube is cut out and replaced?

16.  If the backside of this weld in question 15 cannot be reached how shall it be welded, and what type of welding is required and why?

17.  Explain everything you know about confined space.

18.  What the minimum oxygen requirements in a confined space?

19.  Tell me everything you know about a Kingsbury thrust bearing?


20.  How do you adjust the axial clearances in a turbine?

21.  What is another kind of a thrust bearing?

22.  Tell me everything you know about the thrust bearing in question 21.

23.  How is the radial clearances adjusted on a turbine?

24.  How do you check the clearances of a journal bearing?

25.  What is acceptable clearance wear in a journal bearing before the shoes need to be replaced?

26.  What is a normal clearance on a Kingsbury thrust bearing?

27.  When expanding a fire tube into a tube sheet how do you know when it is tight?

28.  What’s the difference between a bulge and a blister and explain what each of them are?


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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