2nd Class Fireman Exam 12/18/2001
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2nd Class Fireman Exam

Dec 18, 2001

1.  Describe the boiler in the picture. (picture was a Cleaver Brooks Scotch Marine Fire tube Boiler) 

2.  Blow down a boiler.  You cannot see the gage glass from the blow down.  The blow down has 1 quick opening valve and 1 slow opening valve.

3.  How do you relieve a fireman?

4.  Define: Superheated Steam and Saturated Steam


5.  Explain how a Bourdon Tube steam gage works.

6.  List 3 laws from 146 that pertain to the operation of high pressure boilers.

7.  Describe the construction and operation of a single tube lifting injector.

8.  What are the elements of a fuel?  What is Combustion?

9.  How do you know a boiler is legal to operate?

10. Replace a gage glass on a HRT Boiler.

11. How does a Bucket Trap work?

12. Without testing, how could you tell if a safety valve is the proper size for a boiler?

13. Define: Economizer

                     Air Preheater

                     Open Feed Water Heater

                     Closed Feed Water heater


 14. What does an air preheater do?

 15. Secure a boiler with a superheater.

 16. What do you do if the water level in a sight glass goes out of sight.

 17. List appurtenances required to safely operate a boiler

 18. Why are tubes on a water tube boiler flared?

 19. What is the difference between a rotary pump and a centrifugal pump?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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