2nd Fireman Exam 07-20-99
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2nd Class Fireman Exam 7/20/99


1. Describe taking a boiler off line with a superheater?

2. What is the height of a column of water with one psi on the bottom.
3. What can you do with this license?


4. Describe the precautions you take before, during, and after you blow down a boiler.
5. Describe the sequence of opening and closing the quick-opening and slow-opening blow down valves.
6. What does gauge pressure and absolute pressure mean to you?
7. What are three things that an open heater does for us immediately preceding the pump?
8. What types of accessories are most important on the open heater?
9. What occurs when the water feed pump gets vapor lock? Describe ways to correct this.
10. Describe the best way to test low water cutout?
11. What are cross T's used for between the water column and boiler?


12. What would happen if the gauge glass connections to the water column became clogged?
13. What is the difference between internally and externally fired boilers? Show some examples.
14. Describe conditions before opening the top manhole cover. Give precautions before entering the waterside of a boiler.
15. What steps would you take if your boiler lost flame using #6 oil?
16. Two boilers on line with identical make-up feed water .What boiler would develop more sludge than the other?
17.  Why are water tubes flared?
18. Why is the safety valve important?
19. What does the huddling chamber and blowback ring do in the safety valve?
20. What are two means of atomizing #6 fuel oil?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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