2nd Fireman 12/29/03
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2nd Class Fireman's Exam 12/29/2003



1.)  What is Priming? How is this corrected?

2.)  What is Foaming? How it this corrected?

3.)  How do you start a centrifugal pump? (asked this in detail in the oral)

4.)  What is the function of the following appurtenances on a boiler?

A) Water Column

B) Gage Glass

C) Safety Valve

D) Low Water Cutout


    5.) Name some safety devices on a boiler (5-6)


    6). Sketch out the fuel oil system for a boiler.

    7.) Why would a duplex pump stop lifting feed water? (asked this in oral)

    8.) Identify the boiler pictured here? (cleaver brooks fire tube-same picture as on license)

    9.) How many BTU’s are needed to raise the temperature of water from 32 deg to 212? (multiple choice)

    10.) Fill in the blanks. A BTU is the ________ required to __________.

    11.) a. Name three causes for a boiler explosion?

           b. Name three causes for a furnace explosion?

    12.) Explain the procedure for performing a blow down on a boiler with two slow opening valves?

    13.) What is an inverted bucket trap and how does it work?


    14.) What are two distinctly different ways of atomizing #6 fuel oil?

    15.) Why are boiler tubes flared?

    16.) Name and explain two types of draft?

    17.) What is a bag? What is a blister?

    18.) Describe bringing a Cleaver Brooks fire tube boiler on line?

    19.) Describe the procedure for changing a broken gauge glass?

   Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.

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