2nd Class Firemenís Exam on 08/26/2005
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2nd Class Firemenís Exam on 08/26/2005

1) What is the main purpose of the following appurtenances:

            a) water column          b) gage glass                c) low water cutout

            d) safety valve                        e) try cocks


2) How would know if you had a broken stay bolt?

3) What is a bag? What would you do if you found one?

4) What would cause a duplex pump to stop feeding hot water?

5) How many cubic feet of air are in a room with dimensions of 12í x 10í x 8í ?

6) How many BTUís are needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water from 32oF to 212oF? (multiple choice)

7) What are the four parts on top of the boiler shown from left to right?

8) What are the dangers of high and low water conditions?

9) You have just replaced the gage glass, which valve do you open first?

10) Describe the operation of an automatic non-return valve.

11) Describe the operation of a single element feed water regulator.

12) What does the safety valve do? Where would it be set at?

13) What are the combustibles of fuel? Define combustion.


14) What is foaming? What is priming? Are they preventable? How?

15) What is carryover? What are two causes of carryover? How can you avoid it?

16) Start a duplex pump.

17) Why do we blow down a boiler?

18) The boiler off line and is cooling down. What happens to the level in the gage glass? 

19) Describe the three ways to atomize #6 oil?

20) What is PSIA?  How does a PSIA gage read PSIG?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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