2nd Firemen’s Exam 03/02/2007
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2nd Class Firemen’s Exam on 03/02/2007

 What is the most common reason for safety valve failure?

 What is the ASME procedure for placing a boiler on-line where other boilers are currently operating?  The boiler has a super-heater, super-heater drain, non-return valve, etc………

 Where do the gases of combustion flow in a fire tube boiler? (Multiple choice)

 Latent heat is found in which of the following: a) Liquid to Vapor, b) Solid to Liquid, c) Solid to Vapor, d) All of the above

          What is an inverted bucket and how does it work?


 What steps do you take if an oil fired boiler loses flame?

 Describe the difference between a globe valve and a gate valve.

 Describe the difference between an open water heater and a closed water heater.

 How do you determine if a blow-down valve is leaking?

 What are three ways to atomize oil?

 Name five reasons for a boiler to smoke.

 What is the difference between a rotary pump and a centrifugal pump?

 What are the elements of fuel? Describe the combustion process. 


 Describe the items on top from left to right (picture of boiler).

Feed water Line, Steam Supply Valve, Manhole, Safety Valve

 How do you start a centrifugal pump?

 What is the result of a high water condition & low water condition?

 How do you minimize excess heat in the flue gases? (Multiple choice)

 Describe saturated steam & superheated steam.

 Describe a non-return valve.

 Calculate the volume of a cylinder 16’ long and 8’ in diameter.

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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