2nd Fireman's 02/02/2007
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2nd Class Fireman's Exam 02/02/2007

Written Exam

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1. Why is feed water treated before it enters the feed water system?

2. What is the fire eye? How do you test a fire eye?

3. When you have one furnace on a boiler and you lose main flame what do you do?

4. How do you start a centrifugal pump?

5. What is the difference between a globe valve and a gate valve?

6. How much heat is in a BTU?


7. Define specific heat.

8. Define

Water column

Gauge glass

Safety valve

Try cocks

Low water fuel cut out

9. Draft is measured in ____________________?

10. What safety procedures do you perform before entering the water side of a boiler?

11. How do you relieve a fireman?

12. Why are cross Tís used instead of regular Tís or elbows?


13. Where should the water be in the try cocks?

14. What is heating surface?

15. What is foaming and priming and how do could you prevent this?

16. Why do you purge a boiler before start up?

17. Give three reasons for a open feed water heater

18. Where should the water level in the drum gauge glass be when the boiler is cooling?

19. What is the difference between a rotary pump and a centrifugal pump?

20. What do you do if your pump becomes steam bound?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.