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2nd Class Fireman's Exam 01/29/2009

Written Exam

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1.  Why is feed water treated before it enters for use in a feed water system?

2.  What are three types of draft that are used in a draft system?

3.  Why do you purge a boiler before ignition?

4.  Why is there a check valve placed on a feed water line?


a.  What is the main function of a safety valve?

b.  At what pressure is a safety valve set at in regards to the boiler it is protecting?

6.  How do you start a high pressure boiler firing #6 fuel oil?

7.  How do you blow down a boiler with a quick opening valve, slow opening valve and you cannot see the gauge glass?

8.  What is the main difference between a rotary pump and a centrifugal pump?

9.  Find the Inside diameter of a boiler tube that has an outside diameter of 2” and a wall thickness of 3/16”.

10. What is the primary difference between a gate valve and a globe valve?

11. What is a saturated steam? What is superheated steam?

12. Describe how you would start a valve out motor centrifugal feed water pump?

13. (Multiple choice) The heat required to change the state of a substance without a temperature change.

a.) Specific heat   b.)  Sensible heat   c.)  Latent heat  d.)  Ambient heat

14. Define specific heat?

15. Name three things an open feed water heater does which precedes a boiler feed pump.

16. What can you do with a Second Class Fireman’s License?

17. List 5 reasons why a boiler firing oil would smoke.

18. How do you relieve a fireman?

19. Why are baffles used in a water tube boiler?

20. (Multiple choice) What would cause a centrifugal pump to become (vapor) steam bound?

a.)  Low feed water supply pressure  b.)  Low water level in the Deaerator   c.)  High pressure to the supply  d.) High water supply to the inlet of the pump e.  Both A and B

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