2nd Fireman Written 01/27/04
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2nd Class Fireman's Exam 01/27/2004


1) Give 3 reasons for a boiler to smoke.


2) Describe 3 ways of atomization.


3) Describe how a burner atomizes oil.


4) Multiple choice - causes of a pump vapor lock.


5) Definition questions:    Economizer - feedwater heater

6) Describe how a bucket trap works.


7) How do you test the low water cut-off?


8) How do  you replace a broken gauge glass?


9) How do you start a duplex pump?



10) Describe the difference between a watertube and firetube boiler.


11) Why is a syphon used before a steam pressure gauge?


12) What are the elements or products of fuel?


13) Describe the combustion process.


14) How can you tell if a stay bolt breaks.


15) What do you do with a high and low water level condition in a boiler?


16) Name three benefits of an open feedwater heater?


17) With a 150 psi safety valve, what pressure should  you have when hand testing it?


18) Describe the difference between a globe and a gate valve.


19) Describe the term heating surface.


Copy & Paste the question above into the search box to find your answer.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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