2nd Fireman's written 122912
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2nd Class Fireman's Exam 12/29/2012

Written Exam

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1) What can you do with a 2nd class fireman license?
2) What does a OS&Y valve stand for?
3) What procedures would you take when taking a boiler offline and opening the boiler for inspection?
4) Where would the PH scale be in a boiler?
5) How long do you have, if the chief engineer either leaves the facility or quits reporting to the Department of Public Safety?
6) What type of pump is a centrifugal pump?
7) What type of attendance is required for a boiler with a horsepower of 240?
8) Which type of valve offers little restriction to flow?
9) What is the pressure of 10 vertical feet on a water column?
10) How many safety valves are required on a boiler that has over 500 sq. ft. of heating surface?
11) What is the minimum size pipe that can be used on a water column connection?
12) What is the first thing you do before taking over a shift?
13) How do you calculate boiler horse power?
14) How many types of heat are there?
15) When you walk into the boiler room and you notice one of the boilers is turning cherry red, what do you do?
16) How many gallons are in a barrel of oil?
17) How often must a boiler be inspected?
18) How often must air compressors be inspected?
19) What is the BTU content in #5 fuel oil?
20) What does HRT stand for?
21) What does a pyrometer measure?
22) How many BTU’s are required to raise water from 32F to 212F?
23) In a fire tube boiler where do the flue gases travel through?
24) What type of boiler is this?


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