First class fireman
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First class fireman's exam from 11/19/96.

1. How do you start a turbine driven feed water pump?

2. How do you prepare a boiler for internal inspection?

3. What are these stamps S,M,L,V ?

4. Explain a single pipe heating system and a two pipe heating system?

5. List four reasons why a radiator would fail to heat up properly?

6. Are there more than one type of fusible plug? If so explain the difference.

7. Set the valves of a duplex pump. (in detail)

8. Figure the area of a piston on a duplex pump with a six inch diameter. show all work and would the other side of the piston have the exact same area?

9. What is a Hartford Loop?  

 What you should know about the Hartford Loop



10. What is? A:) corrosion B.) Erosion?

11. What is? A.) Pitting and cause B.) Foaming and cause?

12. What is combustion and what elements in fuel are combustible ?

13. How do you know you have enough air going into your furnace?

14. Why would you use a vacuum pump in a heating system ?

15. What is pH explain in detail. What is a good boiler pH?

16. What is an economizer and where is it located ?

17. How do you take a boiler off line?

18. What information is on the tag of a safety valve?

19. Why are hand holes and manholes oval ?

20. What can you do with this license ?



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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