1st Class Firemanís Exam. 10/25/07

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1st Class Firemanís Exam.  10/25/07


  1. Define sensible and latent heat.
  2. Why would you blow the tube before cooling down the boiler?
  3. What harm would result in adding water to a boiler when the water level is too low?
  4. Excessive carbon deposit on a boiler burner throat ring and diffuser could result in?  Multiple choice
  5. A water tube boiler may be laid up either wet or dry.  What should you do if it is to be laid up wet?
  6. What type of waterside deposit can normally be removed by boiling out a boiler?
  7. What is a compound gauge?
  8. What is combustion? What combustible element found in fuel?
  9. What is an economizer and where is it located?
  10. What method of heat transfer is most prominent in the following examples?
    1. Furnace with water walls
    2. Circulation of water within a boiler
    3. Absorption by preheater
    4. Creation of natural draft past a boiler heating surface
    5.  Transfer of heat through tubes of a shell and tube heat exchanger
  11. Explain how put a properly isolated steam reducing station into service. 
  12. Which of the following fuels would require the least amount of excess air?

#2 oil, #6 oil, Natural Gas, or Pulverized Coal.  Multiple choice

  1. Explain the purpose of a Forced draft fan and an Induced draft fan. 
  2. Explain the procedure to boil out a new boiler. 
  3. During operation, what effect would a partially blocked water connection have on the indicated water level?
  4. The viscosity of fuel oil is the measurement of the ___ fuel oil?  Multiple choice
  5. The steam and water drum of a water tube boiler is dished to eliminate the need for____? Multiple choice
  6. Explain how the bourdon tube principle works in the steam gauge.
  7. Should water walls headers be blown down while the boiler is under load?
  8. What is the height of a column of water at 1lb pressure


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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