First Class Firemans Exam Written 10/16/2001
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First Fireman exam (written) taken on 10/16/01

1. What is a pressure reducing valve?

2. Explain how to put an isolated P.R.V. into service.

3. Describe latent and sensible heat?

4. Give two main reasons why gas is used for a pilot.

5. Is there more than one type of fusible plug? If so, describe them.

6. What effect would partial blockage of the water connection have on the water level during operation?

7. 3 ways heat is transferred.  Explain

8. Define horsepower according to the A.S.M.E.


9. How does too much excess air affect combustion efficiency?

10. How would you know if a closed feed water heater was leaking?

11. List the precautions you should take when operating a soot blower.

12. Define corrosion. Define erosion.

13. Name 3 causes of a BAG in a fire tube boiler?

14. Why is there a relief valve on the discharge side of a positive displacement pump?

15. What are the combustible elements in fuel?

16. Define combustion.

17. You have a 2000 gallon tank filled with water. How much does the water weigh?

18. What is an economizer, what does it do, and where is it located?

19. Does a cast iron boiler need a bottom blow down? If so, what is the minimum size?

20. Take a boiler off line with two stop valves, boilers in battery, with another boiler still in service.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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