1st Class Fireman’s Exam. 09/27/06
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1st Class Fireman’s Exam.  09/27/06


1)         How does Ch. 146 determine boiler horsepower?

2)         What is pH? What is a good pH for boiler water?

3)         What is atmospheric pressure?

4)         Explain the principle of how the Bourdon-tube pressure gauge works.

5)         A build up of carbon deposits on the furnace mouth is caused by ___________?

            a. Too much excess air

            b. Dirty fuel sprayer plates

            c. Boiler cycling on and off

            d. Faulty gas pilot

6)         What is “shrinking” in a boiler?

7)         Explain how a steam pressure gauge works.

8)         List 3 requirements from Ch. 146 that are needed for boiler operation.

9)         What would you do if you found a bag on the boiler shell? 

10)       From an operator’s standpoint (not theoretically), how can you determine that the proper amount of air is being admitted into the furnace?

11)       What appliances/appurtenances are needed for safe boiler operation?

12)       Why are manholes and hand holes oval?

13)       How does an impulse trap work?

14)       What is superheated steam? What is saturated steam?

15)       Can a 1st class fireman operate a steam driven feed pump with a 3” supply line? 

16)       What determines the temperature the oil needs to be heated to for proper atomization?


17)       Which fuel requires the least amount of excess air?

            a. #2 oil

            b. #6 oil

            c. Natural gas

            d. Pulverized coal

18)       [Multiple choice] The definition of viscosity is the measure of an oil’s ________.

19)       The pressure gauge reads 50 psi. The safety valve is set to pop at 110 psi. The safety valve is blowing. What could be the problem and what would you do to correct his situation? 

20)       From a pond at 60oF, water needs to be pumped out to a tank at a higher elevation. What is the highest point the pump could be placed? Why?


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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