1st Class Firemanís Exam 07/01/07
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1st Class Firemanís Exam.  07/01/07


1.) Describe Natural, Balanced, Forced and Induced Draft
2.) Three things a DA. Does
3.) In chapter 146 how is boiler horsepower determined?
4.) 2000 gallons of water is equal to how many pounds?
5.) Describe a low water cut out and how does it work?6.) What is corrosion? What is erosion?
7.) Four causes for boiler explosion?
8.) Start a centrifugal pump?
9.) What is pH describe fully?
10.) What causes scale in a boiler?
11.) What can you do with a first class fireman's license?
12.) Take a boiler off line that shares a common header and describe all procedures before entering the waterside?
13.) What is a PRV and where would you find one?
14.) What is a bottom blow down used for?
15.) Why do we use a surface blow down?
16.) Why is there a safety valve on a super heater and where is it set compared to the safety valve on the boiler?
17.) How is heat transferred?


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.


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