1st Class Firemanís Exam. 09/01/02
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1st Class Firemanís Exam.  9/1/02



  1. Describe with a sketch a high pressure water tube boiler with a super heater, economizer, and air heater. Show all fittings, baffles, water circulation and combustion circulation
  2. List 5 characteristics of fuel oil to look for and describe the impacts that those would have in the plant.
  3. You are in charge of a 15000 pph water tube boiler with a super heater, economizer and air heater. It is running with a steady load. Can you describe the possible causes and the action taken for the following scenarios
    1. Low drum Level
    2. Flame failure
  4. You have a water tube boiler that is offline and cooling. Describe the procedure for the boiler to inspect it and the safety precautions that are taken during inspection
  5. There are 2 types of soot blowers, stationary and retraction. Where would you install the stationary and where would you install the retraction soot blower. Why are they used in those instances

List 4 precautions to ensure maximum soot blowing and increase boiler tube life.

You have a high pressure pulverized coal boiler with a super heater, economizer and air heater, list how you would blow this out

  1. Can you give the principle operation and test method for high limit, low gas pressure and low air pressure
  2. Can you list the controls for a automatically controlled low pressure boiler for heat and describe the purpose and method of operation for each
  3. Sketch and describe hot process lime-soda water treatment with soft water filters, chemical feed, sludge re-circulation, filter backwash and use soft water for backwash with vent condensation
  4. define for Pumps: static suction lift, static suction head, static discharge head, total static head, friction head, pressure head, dynamic suction lift, dynamic suction head, total dynamic head, cavitation, vapor pressure, net positive suction head, slip, volumetric efficiency
  5. describe the purpose for welding procedure qualification and how is this accomplished


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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