First Fireman Exam 08/01/04
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First Fireman exam (written) taken on 08/01/04 


1) What is corrosion, what is erosion?
2) What effect does too much air do to combustion and co2?
3) What is a low water cut off and how does it work
4) At least 2 types of heating systems and how they work5) Change 5/8 to a decimal
6) 2000 gallons of water what’s the weight
7) ASME code chapter 7 what is rule for lifting and popping of safety valve
8) Burden tube how it works
9) How do you shut all boilers down with a super heater?
10) 115 psi safety valve and gauge reads 150 what is wrong
11) Combustible elements of fuel
12) What is the btu of #6 fuel oil roughly?

13) By operation how do you tell if there to much air in the furnace
14) Blow of line blows apart on boiler that you are running and boiler is in battery what would you do
15) Hydrostatic test performed
16) Centrifugal pump parts
17) Safety valve stamping
18) How is steam used for atomization?

19) Why are manholes and hand holes oval
20) What 4 things will cause a furnace to explode?


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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