1st Fireman Exam 06/27/2003
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1st Fireman Exam, May 27, 2003


1        How is boiler horsepower calculated according to chapter 146?      Was on test twice.

2        How does an impulse trap work?

3        Where are the feed water pumps located when used with an open feed water heater and a closed feed water heater?

4        The oil burner control system is poorly cleaned and maintained, which of the following is likely to happen?

A.                            Poor combustion efficiency

B.                             Increase use of feed water

C.                             Combustion control failure

D.                            Increase demand on feed water pumps 

6        Set the valve on a duplex pump, in detail.

7        Cooling down a boiler how do you use soot blower?

8           The pressure gauge reads 50 psi. the safety valve is set to blow at 110 psi. What could be the problem and what would you do to correct the situation?

9        determine boiler horse power of water tube boiler with 4000 square feet of tubes and 80 square feet of water walls.

10      A steam  driven device with a 3 feed line can a 1st fireman operate it?

11       Leaking centrifugal pump, what 2 things would you do to correct.

12      What does doing bottom blow downs do?

13      How do you relieve at shift change?

14      Name 2 types of safety valves, describe how each pops open.


15      Natural draft is caused by

          A    height of the chimney

            B    Mechanical fans

          C    Diameter of the chimney

          D    Induction fans

 16      Which is the least efficient fuel with regard to excess air?

          A       Gas

          B        #2 oil

          C        #6 oil

          D         Pulverized coal

 17      Boiler flame goes out. What action would you take?

 18      What valves on a boiler should be closed and what other precautions should be taken before removing manholes or hand holes and entering a boiler.

 19      What are the parameters of a 3 element feed water regulator and how does it work.


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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