First Fireman Exam (written) taken on 03/29/2005

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First Fireman Exam (written) taken on 03/29/2005


1.        What is Corrosion, and What is Erosion ?

2.         List Three functions that a Deaerator serves.


 3.         In relation to the 3 forms of heat transfer; How is heat transferred in the furnace water walls? How is heat transferred in a closed heat exchanger ?

 4.         List 2 types of positive displacement pumps.  List 3 types of non-positive displacement pumps.

 5.         Describe in detail the Bourdon tube principle.


 6.         Describe in detail the operation of a Deaerating feed water heater.

 7.         Describe in detail the differences between a Safety Valve and a Relief Valve.

 8.         You are instructed to remove a 150,000 lb, per hour boiler from service for inspection that is in battery with others still online, list the procedure for removing it from service and the precautions that you would take before opening the waterside, list the valves that you would isolate.

 9.         What is pH, explain fully.

            What is a good pH for boiler water?

 10.       When is a surface blow off useful ?

 11.       Explain what is meant by the terms, Wire Effect ?Water Hammer ?

 12.       What is a parallel flow Economizer?  Why do we use Economizers? Where is the location of an Economizer ?

 13.       In relation to water tube boilers, What are bags on the tubes? What causes them ?

 14.       A column of water has a pressure of 1 psi at the bottom, What is the height of the column ? Express answer in feet.

 15.       Boilers can be either laid up dry or wet, Describe in detail the procedure to perform a wet lay up.

 16.       Explain in detail the operation of a huddling chamber, and blowback ring on a safety valve.

 17.       What are 2 reasons why we treat boiler water ?

 18.       Discuss the importance of the safety valve, in relation to the other systems in the boiler room.

 Multiple Choice Questions

 19.       A build up of carbon deposits on the furnace mouth is caused    by_______________.

            A.) too much excess air.

            B.) dirty fuel sprayer plates.

            C.) boiler cycling on and off.

            D.) faulty gas pilot.

 20.       A sudden drop in pressure without a corresponding drop in temperature,

            can lead to ________________________.

             A.) increased feed water use.

            B.) a boiler explosion.

            C.) excessive stack temperature.

            D.) poor steaming qualities


Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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